Friday, June 25, 2010

The Getty

It really deserves it's own post. It is AMAZING. Kayce said when she went there for the first time she understood why people live in LA. When we were there I was ready to move to LA. She was so excited to take us and Brock & I LOVED it. The tram ride up, the incredible setting, the art work and furniture, the grounds and gardens and the building itself are truly stunning. I couldn't get enough. We met our good friend Hannah there and her two darling boys. She commented that she was glad she went there before she had kids, I can see why -there is so much to take in. The buildings are made out of a beige travertine (16,000 tons) that was taken from the same quarry as the Colosseum and Trevi Fountain in Rome. The gardens and are gorgeous. They are set up to wander around and around in and just soak up all the beauty.

I wanted to take this home
and this

who doesn't LOVE this Van Gogh?

just love Sargent's portraits
Lulu and Nathan running

Heading home

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This trip also marked our first time taking a child to Disneyland. Greta, as many of you know loves Cinderella. She talks to her, sings like her, watches and adores her. Her love also extends to the other princesses, so Brock and I were very excited to be able to take her to see Cinderella and watch that little one's dream come true. It did not disappoint. I was worried when it came time(after the 45 min. wait) she would get scared but the second we rounded the corner, she walked right up to Ariel and gave her a hug. Then proceeded to talk and talk to her. That Ariel was about the sweetest thing ever, the first thing Greta told her was that she went to church (don't ask me where that came from) and Ariel looked at her and said "Oh, do you pray at church?". Greta said yes, and proceeded to tell her all sorts of things about nursery. Next was Snow White who she walked right up to, hugged and continued to talk to. Last, (luckily Cinderella was there that day) she RAN over to her and hugged her. You could see the look of magical disbelief on her face that she was really there. It was pretty sweet. Seeing Minnie & Mickey, riding the teacups, the Peter Pan ride and seeing Mary Poppins in the parade (really the whole parade) were all huge hits. The best part for me was that Brock's parents took Elsa to Sea World with the Hatch's so we got to really enjoy it with Greta.

Friday, June 18, 2010

CA Part 2

Next we headed to a beach house in Oceanside for a week with the Holts. I have fond memories of Spring Break trips with the kappas to this very spot, it doesn't seem like that long ago. It was so nice to be there with family.

Amber's birthday our first night there.

Trying to take advantage of all Southern Cali has to offer, we headed over to La Jolla to see the sea lions.
San Diego Zoo

The pandas
Greta and Halle
The whole crew headed to Balboa Island for the day - even the Mammen's drove down to join us. We did it all: rode the ferry over, ate at Ruby's on the pier, rode the ferris wheel, had Balboa bars and looked at all the amazing homes on the island.

Cypers girls and their bubble gum ice cream.

And of course the beach!
First interaction with sand: Elsa jumped like crazy in
my arms until I put her down
and let her have at it.

We couldn't keep Greta out of the waves.
A pit big enough for Halle
and a few more girls.
Beach baby
A little sand in the eye did not spoil her beach day.

My favorite

Thursday, June 17, 2010

CA Part 1

We just returned from a delightful 12 days in beautiful, (not-so-sunny in june) California. Our trip started and ended with a stay at my sister's in west LA. She & Taylor (plus their 3 kids) recently moved and it was great to see their new place.

Out back the swings were a huge hit, the kids just lived outside. The woman that lived there before planted a ton of beautiful plants, everything from calla lillies & roses to this interesting passion fruit vine. Their garden is amazing, really everything grows in California.

The 2 little ones

3 kids in a tub
First swing