Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo Shoot

My friend Leila and I tried to take some pictures of the girls. I have been wanting to get pictures of all three of them and she was nice enough to rent some equipment and help me try to do it. We had 3 adults and it was still unbelievably difficult to get all 3 of them posistioned and looking the right way. As soon as we thought we had 1 girl the other would move and so on, I was exhausted by the end. Here is the product of our efforts. Overall we learned a lot and luckily we got a few cute ones.

Baby in a tub
The "couch series" no.1
no.3- this one might be the best even though no one is looking, no one is pulling a face either.
The floor series, if we could have gotten them lined up a little better, I think these would be really great- but still pretty good.
Cute of G, notice not one of E - that one won't hold still!
These are sweet but didn't work out well with the baby.
Love the joy on Elsa's face, that is so her.
I need help, tell me which ones you like best- thanks.


The Adamsons said...

I love these. Holt girls are getting so big!

Lindsey said...

I like the tub!