Friday, January 30, 2009

Long overdue

I know an updated post is long overdue. Like everyone else the holidays are crazy for us and it takes me a while to get back into things.  Here is a quick catch-up:
*Greta has blond curls! We're not quite sure where she gets them, probably from Grandpa Holt (and maybe a little from mom & dad) but they are adorable and I hope they are here to stay.  She also started walking in December and talks up a storm.  Her new words are nose, eye, snowy, baby, apple, and please and thank you- which we are very proud of.

Lauren's birthday was in late November and Mom's in early December.  And yes, the boy in all the pictures is her boyfriend Michael (who we love!).

Birthday dinner for mom at our house.

There was also a great trip to St.George with Brock's parents in late November.

We loved having Reghan and Kayce & Taylor (with their kids) here for Christmas, it is so great to be able to spend time with them.  Here is Reghan with Greta.

Greta loved her new coat from Grandma Elaine.
The giant Mr. Potato Head was a big hit at Grandpa Sybrowsky's.
Three in the bed on Christmas morning.
The whole gang

Greta and Lulu mostly followed each other around but were definately more interested in each other this visit.

Christmas at the Holt's

And most recently, we went back down to St. George over the holiday weekend in January.  We went with our friends Kenton and Molly Anderson with their cute little one, Kate.  She and Greta are only about a month apart and had tons of fun together.  There was hiking, biking and fun oh my!
Our brave girl!