Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spring City

A couple weeks ago, my dad and I traveled down to Spring City for the Art Festival. I just love it down there, we usually make it down a couple times a year for the historic home tour (which is really wonderful) and any other opportunity! My aunt Alison and uncle Chris have restored the most amazing home down there. They sold their home in Salt Lake a few years ago (which was by far one of my favorite homes ever) and now live down there full time- they do keep a little place in the city. If you ask Alison why she did it, she says true love. Alison said she would move there if this certain home ever went on the market and when it did, she was apparently committed. They are both art lovers and Spring City is such a haven for artists, they really seem to fit right in. And what they have done is truly amazing. Really, they recieved a Utah Heritage Foundation Award for superior restoration.
(My dad ended up buying a painting he really likes painted by a wonderful artist - Chris!)

This smaller home on the property is the one they restored first and they lived there while working on the house.
The girls love looking at the chickens and they also put in some swings they can't get enough of.
I don't have many interior pictures, I'll take more next time. This is the kitchen, it really turned out beautifully.
The grounds are really lovely and that building is the old barn they restored. I hear it is now "the place" for receptions. We have enjoyed many wonderful luncheons there.
The "flower bed".

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Big Campout

Brock has been dying to take Greta backpacking for a long time and the day finally came. He and his friend Kenton planned a campout with their girls (their Kate is just Greta's age). I must admit I had my doubts, Brock set up the tent in the backyard a couple of weeks ago to test the waters of sleeping outside. Once they were all settled in ready for bed, Greta started saying "I want to sleep in the house, Daddy". But she ended up doing a great job and according to Brock she is better camper than me.
As they were hiking in, it started raining lightly. Brock asked Greta if she wanted to stop under a tree. She said "No, Daddy I want to keep walking." That night, I guess the weather got worse. It thundered and rained hard but Brock said Greta did great. They snuggled up in their tent and she slept great.

The campers from the front
And the back- she was so excited about that backpack.
Kenton & Kate and Kenton's dad Kai, with Brock and Greta
Kate and Greta
They had a great time and can't wait to go again.