Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mermaid Birthday

Elsa turns 2!

She Loves Mermaids so it worked out perfectly to have a party at the new Splash Park in our neighborhood. There was lots of splashing, laughing, treats & presents. She had so much fun and is still talking about her "ber-day". She is the happiest child, you can not contain her excitement for life, there is always a big smile on her face -she doesn't walk, she bounces along. I love this age, she says the cutest things and there are no words for how cute she sings and dances around- which is all the time. She loves books, everything princess and is hardly ever not in a dress-up. She watches her big sis and does everything she does. She is my Elsa-berry and I can't stand that she is so big and I will cry when she stops running at top speed & crashing into me with the biggest, neck breaking hugs. Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Ohhhhhhh, princess shoes.....