Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Yesterday Greta and I were sitting on the couch as I fed the baby and Elsa was sleeping. She was telling me all about a best friend necklace (the heart shaped one that breaks in half that she doesn't actually have but has seen on a show). She said she was going to break it and keep one half of it and give the other half to her best friend. I asked her who her best friend was and she said, without hesitation, Elsa. Still bring tears to my eyes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Photo Shoot

My friend Leila and I tried to take some pictures of the girls. I have been wanting to get pictures of all three of them and she was nice enough to rent some equipment and help me try to do it. We had 3 adults and it was still unbelievably difficult to get all 3 of them posistioned and looking the right way. As soon as we thought we had 1 girl the other would move and so on, I was exhausted by the end. Here is the product of our efforts. Overall we learned a lot and luckily we got a few cute ones.

Baby in a tub
The "couch series" no.1
no.3- this one might be the best even though no one is looking, no one is pulling a face either.
The floor series, if we could have gotten them lined up a little better, I think these would be really great- but still pretty good.
Cute of G, notice not one of E - that one won't hold still!
These are sweet but didn't work out well with the baby.
Love the joy on Elsa's face, that is so her.
I need help, tell me which ones you like best- thanks.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mountain Trip

The last week in July we headed up to Tamarack, Idaho - just outside McCall for a week with Brock's family. We had a great time up in the mountains, McCall is just beautiful - the lake was gorgeous. There was a great beach area on the water the kids just loved.

Fun in the sand with cousins
And runway shows
Cute little one was just happy to be there

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby Blessing

Ada's Blessing was a wonderful day. Brock gave a beautiful prayer and she was perfect of course, just looking around and smiling. She wore the same dress that I was blessed in- and worn by both her sisters before her. We enjoyed seeing lots of family & friends, thanks for joining us! My sister Kayce & her kids and my mom were here visiting so it was special to have them with us.