Monday, March 14, 2011

18 Months

Check out those blue eyes, lucky girl.

I can't believe she is so big, (19 mos. to be exact). It makes me sad and then in the same breath happy because she wants to do everything her big sis does and I am going to need her to when thing #3 arrives. She is so happy and so busy, mostly wandering around the house picking things up, finding a new spot for them and starting over. She LOVES babies and no carseat at church is safe when she is around. Yesterday she said "Hi baby!" to the baby behind us probably 30 times. She has been sitting up at the counter and feeding herself for so long but sometimes I still can't believe she is so good at it. It is the cutest thing watching her feed herself-especially applesauce, she's very determined. She is a lot more adventurous than her sister. She will climb up anything and go down the big slides at the park. Her smiles are so big and her excitement when daddy comes home can't be contained. It's "HI DADDY, HI DADDY" for a good 5 minutes. She is talking like crazy (her "geta" is my favorite), does her body parts and animal sounds so darling. And best of all, she still snuggles with mom and I can't get enough. Brock's sister, Lindsey, took these lovely photos for us, so000 adorable.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

February 2010

I'm a little behind, here are some happenings from last month. We had a fun little Valentines party with a couple of my girlfriends and their kids. We decorated cupcakes and made V-day hats, the kids loved it.

My friend Karen and her cute boy.
I attended my first "Scrapbooking Weekend" hosted by my sis-in-law Lindsey at her in-laws ranch house. It was such a fun break and nice for me to get away on my own. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. My sweet husband watched the kids and did a great job, fixing hair for church and everything! Here is the snowman they built -notice the before and after, leaning and then gone.
Finger-painting fun
My mom was also here visiting. I had 2 cousins get married about a week apart from each other so she came out to attended the weddings. She took Greta on her own for a special sleepover with grandma & her 2 aunts. She loved every minute. She keeps telling me if I want my nails painted, I just need to ask Lauren.