Thursday, May 28, 2009


Near the end of April, we were able to welcome the newest Cypers girl into the family.  Brock's sister Amber had a beautiful little girl, Leila.

Greta with Uncle Mitch and Leila.
May was eventful.  Lauren's wedding was beautiful and it was wonderful to be with so much family, thank you for all your support.  Her reception was at Thanksgiving Point and I think we should have some really nice pictures to post when we get them.  We had a lot of fun with Kayce and her family while they were in town. 
Greta and Lulu had a ball together.
The girls at the wedding dinner.
My aunt Diane got this cute shot of Greta and Brock.  Most of the pictures I have seen I am not fond of because, well who likes pictures of themselves pregnant?  The one below doesn't bother me too much plus it has the added bonus of my mom and Joe dancing in the background. 

Greta was a maniac on the dance floor.  We had better watch out.  Plus she also experienced her first crush.  Lauren's friend, Cassidy, has a little cousin Cooper who was apparently very smitten with her.  He just stood and stared and from what I hear, still talks about her.  Here she is dancing with cousin Axel.