Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tacos and Paper and String

I have been trying to capture a few of the cute things Greta says incorrectly before she grows out of them. She was so adamant about telling me it was Sleeping Beauty on her movie and not Aurora that I quickly grabbed the camera. I was also lucky enough to get her singing "Let's Go Fly a Kite", her current favorite song. When we were in St. George, we let her sleep in the same room with her cousins, like a big girl. But we had to remove her because she would lie in her sleeping bag singing that song and keeping the other girls up. After mastering the chorus, she has moved onto the verses, "With tacos for paper and string..."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Elsa Helen

My baby turned 9 months old this week, Tuesday to be exact. It has flown by, I'm not sure if it is because she is the 2nd and I don't have undivided attention for her but it seems like yesterday she was sleeping in my arms. She still gives her mom snuggles and gives everyone big smiles. Really people ask me if she is always this happy and yes, she is - except when you stop feeding her. The girl likes to eat! She usually makes a big mmmm after each bite. The other comment we get a lot about her is her skin color. No I do not keep her out in the sun, spray tan her or feed her massive amounts of sweet potatoes and carrots. She is just tan, like her sister was at this age. She can thank her great grandma (after whom she is named) for her beautiful skin color. She is pure happiness and a joy. Here she is with her namesake, my Grandma Helen.

Eating a cupcake with Grandpa

Doing a little reading
How do they know a phone goes up to your ear?
Check out the mohawk
Crawling and clapping

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Some Pictures Lately

I have been taking photos on my phone a lot lately and finally downloaded them. Here are some highlight from the last couple months. Elsa and Greta at Roberts. Greta loves it because they give her a balloon, the key to any child's heart. This was the first time I put Elsa in a cart by herself, minus the carseat. It was definitely time, she was so excited to be able to see everything, even though she was a little tippy. She looks so little.
Cousin Claire and Greta at the zoo.
After bath picture, such a happy little thing

Greta modeling her princess shoes from papa that she loves to wear.
After a Costco trip last week we had the stuff sitting in the hall waiting to be put away. It occured to me that in would make the perfect desk for Greta - since she is always wanting to type at the computer like mom, I knew she would love it. She sat and typed forever! She kept running over to tell me "Mommy I did 64!"
Working Girl, busy taking calls